10 Essential Bottles for Your Bar

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10 Essential Bottles for Your Bar

Stocking a superlative liquor cabinet boils down to two categories: spirits meant to be sipped and those ideal for mixed drinks. Add some exquisite modifiers— we suggest Antica Formula Red Vermouth, Noilly Pratt Dry Vermouth, Angostora Bitters and Orange Bitters and Luxardo Maraschino liqueur—and you’re ready to offer anything from a killer martini to an epic margarita.

By Claire Willett

1) Macallan 25 Year Old Sherry Oak
Every single malt connoisseur has his favorite, but you can’t go wrong with this smooth, perfectly balanced Scotch from one of Scotland’s oldest and most revered distilleries. A quarter century in Spanish sherry oak casks gives the Macallan its lush coppery hue and heady, ginger and cinnamon nose. Thanks to a mellow, baking spice and fig palate, it drinks like a brandy, but with a lingering, smoky finish.
~$650/750 ml

2) Brugal 1888
Sure, a mojito makes a refreshing end to a hot summer’s day, but Brugal’s latest release is a year-round pleasure. A double distillation and anywhere from five to 14 years of cask maturation in both American white and Spanish oak results in a top-notch rum whose aroma is deliciously leathery  and layered with notes of coffee beans, raisins and dried fruit.
$49.99/750 ml

3) Partida Reposado
The agave used in this barrel-aged tequila grows for 10 years in volcanic soil, which allows the plant’s sugars to concentrate and gives them a distinctive mineral, briny flavor. While you could use it in a margarita, a reposado of this complexity is best savored undiluted.
~$49.99/750 ml

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