Here lie links to excerpts of two unpublished/in-progress books. If you want to read more, please email me–cdulaney.willett [at]

Noes Goes [Working Title]

Lena Abramahim’s nose made her a legendary perfumer — but now, her sense of smell has vanished, and her business lies in shambles. Desperate for ready-made inspiration, she becomes obsessed with bottling a dead fighter pilot found clutching a bouquet purchased at her friend Stace’s West Village flower shop. As Lena and Stace  piece together the pilot’s scent, they uncover more of her story, until their quest becomes less about perfume and more about answering the why’s of the woman’s life, and death.

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The Second Law of Thermodynamics

Research and present an aspect of medieval Paris” is the assignment that brings Helen and Nolan together, but the ex-figure skater and the temporary architecture student haven’t gotten very far along before their research takes a disastrous turn. A notorious painter is discovered dead beside an underground well, and the only clue the two detectives assigned to the case have is in the audio recorder found clipped to the deceased’s jacket.

As the detectives close in, Helen must face other challenges, from the absence of the mother she needs to the predatory advances of an elderly man, while coming to terms with the childhood memories that have begun to thaw.

When a weekend trip to Barcelona leaves Nolan trapped inside a former bomb shelter, it’s up to Helen to find him. Then again, maybe she shouldn’t–after all, he is wanted for murder.

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