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  • But No Queen Comes

    But No Queen Comes

    Wednesday, March 18th There’s a passage in Rilla of Inglesidewhere Rilla’s companion, Mrs. Oliver, dreams about the upcoming Battle of Verdun. In the dream, a French soldier staggers up the veranda to where she stands. They shall not pass, he insists, over the peal of thunder and lashing rain. Rilla tries to take heart in […]

  • It’s only afternoon, there’s a lot ahead.

    It’s only afternoon, there’s a lot ahead.

    Brady said we ought to keep a journal of this time, so when people ask, ten or thirty or fifty years from now, “what was it like,” we’ll be able to say: it was like [x].  Assume a susceptibility rate of y, and a transmission rate of n. Solve for x.  It was like the […]