So You Want to Be A Data Analyst, Chapter 3: The Relational Database

In his short story Funes, the Memorious, the Argentine writer Jorge Borges writes of a teenager, Funes, whose mind contains the world, and all of its history. To access this information, Funes devises a system of one-to-one enumeration. “In place of seven thousand thirteen, he would say (for example) Mdximo Perez; in place of seven […]

So You Want to Be a Data Analyst, Chapter 1: What You Need to Know If You Want to Work with Data and Are Not a Computer Scientist, Statistician, or Mathematician

A few years ago, I began the process of changing my career from marketing to data science. The company I was working for formed a sort of internal innovation lab to work on big data products; when I joined it, I stopped marketing enterprise reporting solutions for .NET developers and started marketing an email application that […]